Happy Birthday to the great pioneering musician TPAIN!!!!

Oh and to a lesser extent to me WOoooo!

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A taco buddy that dosen´t share a taco with his taco sis is not a good taco buddy!

Ummmmm… the tacos were really good… don’t hurt me…

So EQG 2 came out today!

Here’s a little doodle! 


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Pinkie Pie and MLP:FiM is (c) of Hasbro

Spectacular Sam

Demo Expert Sam is have an interesting day! 

Sam is the awesome OC of Visce! Hope you like it! :)

There is a speed Draw on Vimeo! 

OCs belong to thier Designers

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For admiralwolverine1! That’s right I am PANDA-ring to you! lol

Thank you for all your kind comments and general awesome-ness!

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How does Twilight study so much? Maybe that after studying drink keeps her sane! 

A gift for the awesome BTer ZOmega! Enjoy man~

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I shouldn’t have given her a key

This blog has a lot of Spirit! 

Very well drawn, hilarious, and deserves more followers! 


Current status: Math

Iko Iko

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… or Happy Berryday, or Berrytube 2: the Reinebriating, or Berrytube: Still drinkin’!

For the 3rd anniversary of Berrytube! Love all you guys thank you for an awesome three years! 

Basically this an image depicting a lot of the memes and inside jokes of Berrytube, so here’s my try to point out most of these from right to left;
"Happy Birthdat DIGI!" Banner: its alway DigitalVagrant’s Birthday! lol
Twidash Ship (This also counts RariJack and TwiShy ships too): We all know that which are the best ships, no arguments come over differences ever…
Dr. Bees Video: You know what can solve this pobelm?
Garrosh from WOW: There is a group of BT that always raiding, he’s there for you!
Mixed Vodka! The best possible drink! :drunk:
Come on RD smirk! Dat face, man!
Foustball: we got our own balls and things.
Solo cups! are the best cups. 
Space Needle: and Seattle in general, The location of Everfree Northwest ant the 2 BT meetups! Thank you EFNW for handling us and basically being an awesome reason to meet up! 
Berrytube Flag: Waved around all out meet-up from Seattle to Buck in England!
Taken down You tube video: To all those taken down video thank you for giving us awesome entertainment! We miss ya! 
OC of Pug!!! Who made a huge splash onto Berrytube! Super enthusiastic! Thanks for everything man! 
Jebediah from Kerbal, cool kid!
STOP SIGN: Its an octagon!!! 

Who doesn’t like trains????
Princess with a beard, one of our community member with a great beard decided to do a redub of the episode of “Princess Twilight” as Twilight, but only after she becomes an alicorn and she also had his beard superimposed on her face. Yes, it was hilarious.
Friendship is…
A small Hobgoblin for out huge part of the community that play EVE! 
When in doubt Twicane! 
You know what Ket is for?
A Pyro, for the gaming group I am part of: TF2!!!
Some of BT’s Favorite Musicions HACKD (Here’s my current fav) and Tei the Pony  (My fav right now). Thanks to both of them for providing music while drawing this.
Denny’s Burban Bacon Burger, unofficial burger of BT
GrumpyCat always relevant.
ALL HAIL GABEN! the keeper of game sales.
POWER HOUR!!! An hour before the games, a group take a sip of there drink every minute. Obvious results occur. 

Spiecial thanks to Rizzie, LaughingStock, and Dumbrock for all their advice and suggestions! 
All characters, OCs, and Copyright belong to their owners. 


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