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I meet a great artist today and now I see that he is a very good friend and an awesome Taco Bro!

MMMmmm Tacos!

Pleasure meeting a fellow artist!!!  Super nice and friendly!

So one evening I decided that I was going to draw the most adorable version of Berry Punch that I could!!!! =P

Made a list:

Bow [Check]

No, two bows! [Check]

Juice box [Check]

Pet [Check]

Hair clip [Check]

Blush [Check]

Bellybutton [Check]

Socks [Check]

Socks were the same color as her ship - Colgate  [Check]

Success? I don’t know you tell me…

I forgot about it, then rediscovered it!That’s why it says  May 2014… So here it is!

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Berry Punch and MLP:FiM is (c) of Hasbro

For Pachiiri, who has always been extremely kind and fun. Not only that but she has always pushed me to advance and challenge myself with art! I really appreciate every encouraging word she’s told me! <3

Hope you like this Pach! 

OC Design belongs to Pachi

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I was approached by LineMokey to  paint an image of her OC to submit EverfreeNorthwest’s Charity Auction!!! 

So one Saturday I laid newspaper all over my room and painted this up! Had lots of fun painting this! :D

This particular image went through Photoshop for some editing and color formatting.

The painting I had done for the Charity Auction for the Seattle Childrens Hospital, it actually went on to the live auction! HUGE Thanks to the wonderful Sanctus for bidding and winning this painting with the bid of $200! 

dA post click here!

A quick gift for DustyKong (Youtube Link) and Electrashock45 from BerryTube ,who have never had their OCs drawn! I was happy to remedy that!

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"The world moves on, 
even when you don’t want it to, 
even when change feels like the end of everything. 
It never stops.” 

For Aftermath. Happy Birthday, thanks for the tunes!

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Brand new alias! Valico!!!

My personal favs:
Worlds Apart 
Celestia Prime
Helping Twilight Win the Crown (Aftermath Remix)

OC Design belongs to its owners.

Link to dA post here!

YellowStumps a long over due gift for one of the most generous people I have ever meet! Helped me out when I had no idea what I was doing! Man thank you so much for your kindness, help, and everything you do for the BerryTube community! 

I want to wish you an awesome and fun Birthday! 

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OC design belongs to the owner! 

MLP:FiM is (c) of Hasbro

Realism! OHHhh Yeah!

A chimera is a perfect way to get back at thinking of anatomy! 

Oh yeah that’s real ink there! Few edits in PS and colored in PS!


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For WirelessPony/Blue

Yeah he asked I drew this basically hours before I left Baltimore. Couldn’t finish it in time, so here it is in all its Blue Glory! Enjoy man (not too much, kay?).